Located in a parcel with an area of 4800 sq. m. The building consists of five residential sections with a tiered structure creating a distinct and attractive silhouette of the complex. Each of the buildings is on five levels, of which four are residential. The total number of apartments is 64, of which 41 are with one bedroom, 21 have two bedrooms, and 2 are large apartments with three bedrooms, one of which has an additional room for your own gym.

All apartments from Entrances A and B have their own cellars /basements/, with large areas of 8-13 square meters, as adjacent parts to the apartment.

Three of the largest apartments have spacious private verandas, and the panoramic view revealed by the huge roof terraces is a unique experience.

 The underground parking spaces are located in indoor and outdoor parking lots on three levels, with a total of 71 spaces . In one of the buildings, there is a grocery store to facilitate the comfort of the residents of the complex.

The apartments are with area from 68 sq. m. to 212 sq. m., distribution – three per floor; ĸaтo the exposure of the two-room apartments is east, of the three-room ones – west and south for the bedrooms, and east for the living rooms.

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